We are a lively fellowship with a deep love for Christ and an unwavering call to compassionate service in Jesus' name.  We invite you to join us Sunday at 9:30AM in person or via Facebook Live on our Facebook site.

We are an Open & Affirming church.

All are welcome!

Loving & Knowing God, Loving People, Serving the World.

WELCOME to Tuttle Road Community Church

Pastor:  Linda Brewster                                                                       Church Office:  207-829-3766      
                           Email: lindabrewster2210@gmail.com                                                          Church Secretary: Carrie Jowett
                                          Phone: 207-807-2210                                                         Church Email: info@tuttleroadchurch.org
                                                                                                  Organist: Luann Lawler                                        
                                                                            Lay Leaders: Marian Wilmot & Charlene Post  

We have a new website coming! 

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On Sunday (March 21) you voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church.  As we were checking people into the ZOOM meeting and welcoming people in the church, it quickly became apparent how much this church community means to all of you!  I was grateful for the presence of each and every one of you.  Thank you for being patient and for waiting while we got the roll call names correct.  That was so important. The final vote was 56 in favor to 4 against.

I was grateful that Karen gave you ample time to speak your heart.  Many of you shared deeply from the heart. This was not an easy vote.  Many of you are lifelong Methodists and have raised generations of family in this church.  It is hard to take a stand when everything is at risk - tradition and history and a feeling of being safe.  As I listened to you speak, I became aware of the sacrifice you were willing to make for following Jesus into the world as people who could no longer tolerate living within an antiquated system of oppression and discrimination.  I also appreciate those of you who wanted to live within the system a bit longer to give it another chance.  You are not alone - there are many waiting and watching to see what will happen. 

Today (7-22-2021) we signed the final paperwork with the New England Annual Conference to complete our disaffiliation.We are no longer a United Methodist Church.
We are incorporated as a nonprofit church - Tuttle Road Community Church. 

We will continue to worship together just as we always have.  We will continue to practice the traditions of this church.  We will continue to use the Wesleyan quadrilateral as a method for theological reflection. Your leaders will remain the same as evidenced by the vote of the new Church Council on Sunday.  Pastor Linda will continue to be the pastor. 
We have the opportunity to re-imagine who we are as inclusive people of God, to involve ourselves in our communities in new ways and to engage ministry with a renewed energy and passion! You are God's people and you are blessed to be a blessing. May we find new ways of living out our call to ministry together!



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